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As Chief Creative Officer, Miguel directs all architecture, design, and construction activities at WeWork.

“Just let go and be brave, and just do it, rather than always worrying what someone’s going to think, or what people are thinking of you. Just find the strength within yourself to just go do it.””The corner office, as a premise, is just dumb. Like, we should make that a conference room so all of us can share that nice view once in awhile.””Getting over the hump of “Should I start it or not?” that’s the part that I think is a waste of time. If you have it internally that you want to do it and it’s burning inside of you, then you should just go. Like, that’s the right time.” “People need structure. They need to have clarity in terms of what their role is and what their impact is and those are things that I think probably people wait too long to start thinking about.” “Culture fit, especially for a sort of mission-focused company, has to be number one.””We haven’t built the brand through media or through marketing. We’ve done it through our own authentic story and I think if you have an interesting, authentic story, that’s a great way to build a brand.”

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