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“Realise that making mistakes is really part of the journey. And you want to make mistakes the fastest, and build a culture in your company that it’s okay to make mistakes, and talk about it all the time. Because if, you know, if you’re building for this perfect future and you build a culture that supports building that perfect future, by the time you get there you, you know, it could be completely empty.”
On choosing your investors: “And I just had a conversation with an entrepreneur who is raising money now. And he called me about an investor and I said…he was debating, and I told him exactly this advice which is, I would choose that person even though that person is not from your industry because he’s an amazing person to work with. And if you’re going to be with that person for 10 years or more, that it’s better than going for someone necessarily from the industry. Not that I have something against someone that knows what they’re talking about. I’m just saying it’s secondary to being a great person to work with for the next ten years.”
On why he looks for passion, intelligence, and kindness when hiring: “I just found that, first of all, every time I didn’t go by that it was a mistake. And I found that if you focus on passion, intelligence, and kindness, you aim at people that will be with you for a long time because they feel like they have something to win, together with you. They will learn fast and they’ll become better than people that perhaps already knows what they’re doing, but afraid to lose their brand. You have a bigger pool of people because they’re more passionate, intelligent people than necessarily experienced, expert people.”
On why culture is so important: “So I think a lot of it is making people feel like they’re part of something that they can do for a long time. And remember that you can copy everything, you can copy your company’s logo, you can copy your competitor’s product line, but you can’t copy your competitor’s culture. So it takes forever to build it and it’s very difficult to copy it. So I think that for us we put a huge emphasis on that. And primarily emphasising mistakes is okay, transparency, communication, and things like that.”
On how startups can attract the best talent: “I think you actually have an advantage when you’re 10 to 20 people over a thousand people and even over a bigger company because remember good people never make a decision based on if you gave me another dollar or less dollar from an annual comp, never. So people always make a decision based on, do they think that for them, this is an opportunity to evolve themselves as professionals into the next phase.”
On success: “Most people are not geniuses. I think that if you look at most people that have succeeded the most…I think most people are average. I’m average, most people are average, what differentiates between people that have reached amazing success, in their mind, to people that have not, I think it’s mainly themselves. If you wake up in the morning determined, passionate, crazy about today, I think you have this better chance than someone with a perfect SATs, or someone that has access to money, because you’re crazy, obsessed, passionate person. And those qualities they don’t mean you have to be genius or wealthy or coming from a good place or none of that. It just means that you are who you are, so I think that most of us are average and it’s up to us to decide how tomorrow looks like.”
Adam Singolda is the Founder and CEO of Taboola

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